Thank you SPIEL visitors!

We had a busy, but awesome four days of SPIEL. Although we are not a publication house with a lot of marketing power, we noticed that the scientific theme of space is growing in popularity. Since we showed our astronomy-based game to be innovative and our game design appealing, people are even more attracted by the stricking scientific logic and educational potential it carries. Even for flat-earthers, this will be one of the most twisted fantasy game they’ll have ever played.

True, a lot of like-minded people approached us, like those working for observatories and space agencies, space-lovers, sailors, teachers, parents who wants to mold smart kids ;-), but also hard-core gamers looking for new mechanisms inside a real theme, a theme that has shaped modern society. The knowledge about the seasonal shifts due to the ecliptic, the precession, lunar phases, latitudes, Milky Way positioning, cosmography based on different cultures, traveling around the world with different kind of vehicles, you name it. And as the cherry on the cake, a trip to the Moon, learning all the stages and difficulties to achieve this endeavor.

Thank you all for your support, suggestions, compliments and kind words. Suggestions on the game are considered to be the most invaluable feedback during the development of the game, because we make this game for you, guys!

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We are doing our best with our ini mini tiny team at the observatory to deliver you the best and most realistic astronomical boardgame experience we can make with our scientific background and our playful sense of popularizing astronomy and spaceflight.

See you soon on Kickstarter!

V.S.R.U.G.-team of the UGent Armand Pien Observatory

2 Replies to “Thank you SPIEL visitors!”

  1. Hello!
    We saw your exhibition stand at the Spiel 18 in Essen. I would like to show your kickstarter project to our 3D illustrator. Can you please add me to your newsletter?

    Thank you,

    1. Hi Anja,

      Happy to here you are interested in our project. We are adding you to our newsletter right now!
      Starting from next week you will get updates about our progress and the background of our game.


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