Expansion 2: Lunar Lander

To complete the full LunaTix game, the second expansion will focus on the Moon and the nine lunar Apollo voyages. This extension will be available in limited edition after the first expansion: Solar System.

A curriculum for schools (edu variant) will also be available. The game mainly deals with the Moon as a world itself. Which side is always visible and why one has more craters than the other. Also the origin of the Moon will be discussed and we will shed some light on why it is interesting to build a moon base.

Game variations: solo / competitive / co-op / edu

Number of players: 1-6

Age: 10+

Playtime: 45-90 min

Available: via Kickstarter Apollo 11 50th Anniversary Pledge or Ultimate Astronaut Pledge

What does Lunar Lander add to the game?

This expansion is an extension of the Space Navigation part of the game where the players have to complete real Apollo mission and return home safely.
Gravity is the main theme here. We tried to simply a simulation by using only Altitude and Inclination. With maneuver cards players can change their Altimeter and the Orbit on the Moon map. A succesful landing on your mission’s location is the combination of position on the map and getting the lander to ‘000’ on the Altimeter.

Example: a right or left thrust changes your ORBIT position and a backward or forward (retrograde or prograde) thrust changes your position on the ALTIMETER. Turning, landing, rendez-vous and take off are some of the special maneuvers.
With only these basic maneuver cards can an orbit be manipulated. Six of those maneuver cards are drawn each turn while in orbit and are simply six steps on the orbit in addition to some cards that the player wants to activate. Activated cards cost fuel depending on the maneuver type.
The mission of a player is only revealed on stage 3 of the game towards the Moon. This might give players the surprise effect when revealing Apollo 8, 10 or 13!
Fuel dice will be added according to the mission on a CSM/LM player board.
In the following example Apollo 10 ‘s mission was to test the lunar lander in lunar orbit without actual landing. It was a rehearsal mission for Apollo 11. There wasn’t enough fuel for the actual landing. In this game portrayed as 0 fuel in the descent stage.
Game version doesn’t use the exact numbers. The concept is key!
Mission Apollo 10 in LunaTix: Lunar Lander
-CSM: at least 2 orbits (on n°4 orbit)
-CSM: separation at 200 meters high
-LM: descent to 100 meters high
-LM: descent stage ejection
-return home safely